Why I Started This Blog?

Long story cut short.

Why did I started this blog?

Because I’m only earning an average income in Malaysia, and things are getting more and more expensive these days.

Therefore, I’m constantly looking for cheap deals for my house, my baby and for my own needs.

I’ve started to taobao since 10 years back. Many do come to me and asked me to explain how does this works? Is the quality and seller reliable? If I have the time I shall write an article on this. 

Nevertheless, I’m a working mum with another bunch of si lai(s) in office who always share cheap deals with each other. And since I’m a mum now, going to baby friendly places is so important for me! And I find it hard to find such places every time I google, but there’s quiet a lot around. 

I admit that I have OCD issues, whether it’s arranging things at home, or I will plan ahead for most of the things including my house reno, wedding, trips and everything else! And I’m so in love with Marie Kondo !  

Lastly, hope that this blog will be able to provide useful information to all the si lai out there. And pardon my English I always have punctuation problem and grammatical error here and there.

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