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Where to Purchase Cheap Lighting?

Many always asked, where can they find lights with many varieties and yet they come with a cheap price tag? If you head to this place, you will definitely find something you like. But first, you might be so overwhelmed that you don’t even know what you’re looking for anymore.

Here’s the place – Houses of Lighting, Puchong


29-31-33-35, Jalan Bpu 6, Bandar Puchong Utama, 47100 Puchong, Selangor

017-2820616 (I’ve even tried Whatsapp-ing them and they did replied to me. ) You can go ahead and ask them on the things they sell.


When you head inside the shop

Step 1

You will be greeted by a sales assistant, unless they’re like super pack that day then there will be no one layan-ing you. But eventually you still need to find someone to take your order.

Then you will have to tell the person what are you looking for. I.e. downlights, outdoor lights, fan, water heater, door bell etc. And yes, their stuffs are not limited to lights only but they do sell a wide variety of house stuffs.

Also, they have a wide range of products that suit your budget. There’s extremely cheap downlights which are like brands that you never heard before, but there’s also branded downlights from Philips which are on the higher range. At times, what you pay is what you get. You buy cheap 1 koyak in 1 year, but you buy expensive one koyak in 5 years. In the end when you do the calculation, seemed like the expensive one is a better investment.

Step 2

Choose everything that you want and the sales person will take down all the order number. He/she will repeat your order again. And make sure that you choose the correct lighting because there’s cool white, warm white and daylight.

The most yellowish is warm white, this lighting is more suitable for places like room etc that you want a very warm and cozy feeling. Whereas Cool White is good for places like living hall, dining hall which the lighting is not too harsh. Day light is more suitable when you want the place to be like super bright ie yard, front porch.

Then he/she will leave you and go ahead to submit the order. And you will need to wait for quiet a while for them to bring all the stocks from upstairs for you to check. And he/she will pass you a number/tagging and he/she will call you to the checking counter once all the items are here.

Usually I will stand around the places with fan and less crowded.

Step 3

Once you’re at the checking counter which is super cramp and packed, the sales assistant will open up everything and let you see that the lights/electronics are working. Except for things like water heater and exhaust fan which is quite impossible to check.

They will seal back all the packages and stamp all the warranty cards. Then you will be given a number and told to queue up at the payment counter and wait for them to call your number. And yes, they actually have a QMS system.

Step 4

Once they call your number, you will proceed to the designated counter to make payment. They will provide you a receipt and your number for checking purposes.

Step 5

After that, just head out the shop and pass the receipt and number to the shop assistant who’s standing around there. They will check through the stock to make sure that they’re all tally and move the stock outside.

You can even request them to move the stocks to your car. And they will be super glad to help you.

That’s all. FYI, I bought all my lights from this shop since my condo until the current house. I can’t find anywhere else that’s selling cheaper lighting than this. And for their lights, the exchange is also pretty easy. Just bring them back to the shop (1 week), and they will check your item and you can pick the one you want to exchange. That’s if you accidentally bought the wrong ones or extra ones.

Parking is a pain here, so going alone is quiet a challenge.


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