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VTech Toot Toot Driver Series – Why we love them so much!

We started to fall in love with these when my cousin bought a ‘dustbin lorry’ for my son from Australia. The cars would sing different song and say different things and we actually wondered how that works. And we started Googling and realised there’s actually sets of tracks that comes with it and it actually trigger the cars to say different things! Like in a car wash, the car would say “I’m all clean!” or “bloop bloop bloop” which is super cute.

Where to Find in Malaysia?

We tried to look everywhere in Malaysia but none of the toy store actually brought in this. Until around 1year ago when I stepped into Toy’s R Us and I saw them bringing in a few of these playsets and all the toot toot drivers ! I got over excited and bought 1 set of the Race Car set back home since it was on discount. So, the only place that sells these is Toy’s R Us.

Ever since then, Daddy also got addicted to it. But I guess the price tier is considered as high in our country and many didn’t purchase to realised how fun is this toy! But honestly I find this toy more fun than Thomas due to it’s features. Thomas’ tracks also not very cheap these days.

Subsequently I bought another small sets when Parkson was having clearance. And my son started to have interest in this when was was around 20 months old. He would request the daddy to build the tracks for him and he enjoys pushing the car around and playing around with the things that enhances his motor skills.

From Australia

Then, we were travelling to Australia and I was surprised to find that these was sold in Australia for a very affordable price! So when we were there, we grabbed 2 sets of these and my son love it so much.

The Garage Set
The Airport Set

We got this Drivers Garage for only AUD45 (was AUD55 and was on sale). This set is super huge and we literally took everything apart without the box to bring this back. And another set that we got is the Airport set which is super fun too.

From China

During the 7.7 sales VTech China was having special deals too, and I thought why not? And we got the Police Station and track extension set with another race car since the only race car at home was feeling a bit lonely.

Police Station set in Mandarin
Race Car
Extension of the play tracks

But I only realised later that the Police Car and Race Car were singing mandarin songs and speak mandarin. LOL, doesn’t matter since we can speak Mandarin and my son understands Mandarin. And in the end the police car is his favourite.

And usually he would lock the police car in the jail and finds it funny.

The police station set costed around RMB156 = RM96 and the race car and tracks costed around RMB219 = RM135. Somewhat relatively cheaper than Malaysia too based on RRP.

Fixing them All Together to Play

I’m sure you will mix up all the tracks but that’s ok because you they can be fix together in whatever ways you want so long as you have enough space.

So here you have the Garage, Police Station, Airport, Race Track, mini Car Wash and the extension tracks together. And the father and son was having a good time.

Toy’s R Us Warehouse Sales

I was so surprise to see that VTech are selling all these off at 50% at the recent warehouse sales at Summit USJ (8-11 August) because these are very new in the market and they usually don’t do that until the toys are at least 3-5years old. I wonder if they’re going to remove these whole series? Which will be super sad for us !

Extreme Stunt Set 50% off for RM150
Police Station Set 50% off RM150
Repair Centre 50% off RM150
Animals set – 50% off RM85
Fire Station 50% off but I forgot the price
Space station 50% off RM150
Amusement Park set 50% off RM200
And these little animals which I’m not a fan, prefer the car series instead

I message their supplier which is – Childhood Basic Marketing on Facebook they have read my messages but wasn’t kind enough to reply me. I guess that’s why they’re not doing well in Malaysia due to such customer service and also lack of proper Marketing on the products. According to studies, it’s easiest to earn parents money because they’re willing to spend on their child more than anything!

We are a big fan of these just like how toy collectors likes to buy the stuffs like beribu-ribu and just put there and see. Also people who buy like branded stuffs bermillions. There’s values in those stuffs, but there’s also values here where we see as spending time playing together and these toys can be resell too. We never spend beribu-ribu in these la, every time I bought it’s either warehouse sales or when there’s discount. So conclusion, be a smart consumer, spend the least but get the max out of it.

If you think we are overly crazy, wait until you watch this video.


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