LengSilai’s Dryer of choice: Rinnai RDT-62-RM-W review

Hey folks, it’s been awhile since we’ve last written a post. Got busy with life and we were busy selling “Pisang goreng” (inspired by Ku Nan) to raise funds for our Rinnai Gas Dryer. Please take note that this ISN’T a sponsored post. We are just sharing our personal review on this product after the usage of 7.5 months.

We’ve did a comparison of different clothes dryer in our previous article (link here). Please head over there if you wish to understand more about the different options of clothes dryer.

So apparently we were kind of the first user of this RDT-62 (In Malaysia lah). We’ve stumbled upon Rinnai’s 14-day trial for this gas dryer (no strings attached), so we’ve made an appointment.

14 days trial + Delivery

Rinnai team came in a cute-ass Nissan NV200

As you may notice that the footprint of the unit is pretty small. It only measures 65cm(W) x 56.1cm(D) x 68.4cm(H). Build quality is pretty good and the unit is simple and easy to operate. The outlet vent is on top and has an option to be connect to an exhaust hose if you are living in a confined space. I would highly recommend you to do that as the air emitted from these dryers has high moisture and may cause your surroundings to be damp and lead to mold growths! (applies to regular vented dryers too)


Rinnai provides 2 options for mounting the dryer. Tumbling dryers would definitely require proper mountings as it rotates and if it is not well aligned, all hell will break loose. For the trial, we were given a stand unit. In our opinion, it is a pretty convenient one as you can adjust the height and it does not require any sort of drilling or wallplugs! But we’ve decided to go for the wall mount bracket after deciding to purchase the unit.

For our application, we would need it to be as space saving as possible, so we’ve opt to mount it on the wall and plus, it’s sturdier compared to the standing unit.


There are only 2 filters in this setup. The first on is the inlet filter whereby it’s located under the dryer unit. It’s a metal wire mesh based filter, from time to time, just wash it or brush it to keep the inlet air flow smooth.

The 2nd filter is the lint filter, it’s pretty easy to clean and it traps all those lint from your laundry. Cotton/wool tends to shed alot, like alot. So depending on what type of load you’re doing, do clean it after 1-2 dry cycle(s) to ensure the air flow is good!

Running cost

To be honest, we are very impressed with the gas usage of this unit. Despite it being a 6kg front load, we are able to dry 1 queen size bed sheet + 2 pillow cases + 2 bolster cases + mattress protector/quilt!

On average we do 1-2 loads daily, and 1 tank of 14KG LPG can last us around 2.5-3 Months! So we are talking around 90-100 loads. One tank would cost you around RM 27-30 and there was no significant increase in electricity bill (since the electricity is to power the inverter motor)!


  • Happy wife, happy life! (Ministry of homes approves this)
  • Saves us a hell lot of time!
  • Saves us a hell lot of electricity!
  • No more foul smell laundry
  • Rainy season ah? Lai lah…sked you ah?
  • Small footprint, fits tight places
  • Kills bacteria, so we do it for our rascal’s clothes
  • Short drying time
    • 30-45mins depending on load
    • Vented electric dryers takes double the time and much more energy
    • Heat pump/condensor based would take > double the time


  • Not many options for gas dryer in the market
  • Only 6kg capacity
  • Quite pricey, costed us RM 3,357 (need to sell alot of ‘pisang goreng’ for this)
  • Tumbling noise (quite noticeable)

Get a gas dryer today!

I believe many of you might have the concern of it being fueled by LPG. But fret not, this model has a leakage detection that it will cease to operate. On top of that, the gas regulator used is the low pressured one, which is much safer than those high pressure ones used by tai-chows(大炒).

For more info regarding the Rinnai’s 14 day trial, click here. Hey Rinnai Malaysia, *hint-hint maybe we can work out something leh…


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