Review on Kiddomo Universe, the Starling

After heading to a few play areas, I would rate Kiddomo to be one of the best because of the people there who is very helpful and also the cleanliness. And there’s ample of space in Starling and the parking is super convenient. Plus Kiddomo’s ticket is still one of the cheapest in Klang Valley before my son turns 2.

Where Should I Park in Starling?

You should drive up to the elevated ramp which is beside Somerset. Usually the parking at level 4 or level 5 is pretty empty and you just need to take 1 or 2 flights of escalator down to Kiddomo.

Oh yea, and I didn’t mentioned that Starling parking rates is also one of the cheapest.

1st hour FREE
2nd & 3rd hour – RM1 per hour 
4th hour & above – RM2 per hour

There’s also tons of dining in Starling which are family friendly to grab a quick meal before heading to Kiddomo.

What’s Different with Kiddomo and Other Play Areas ?

You will be greeted with this super huge entrance

I guess most of you are bored of reading paid reviews which is a copy and paste of their website. So I will just write this based on my own personal’s experience. Basically Kiddomo is like a playland that’s added with some technology and creativeness. There’s 6 different zones but from what I see, there’s only 4. And Kiddomo believes that kids learn through playing.

Upon making payment, you will be given this wrist band. I actually don’t like the band because the band always fall off easily from our hand. And I’ve found like 2 bands as well.

Wrist band that you need to wear on your hand

Creative Zone

Creation Zone

This is the first zone which is the creation zone. Here, you can create your own character and there’s a few choices that you can select – wizard, Einstein, tiger, santa, sailor, Harry Porter etc. Then you will see your character comes to live in the screens above.

This fellor is only 1.5 years old and once I put him down, he climbed on and started touching the screen. 

Toddler Play Area

There’s also an area for toddlers and babies. But my 1.5 years old is not interested in this but the bigger play areas for the kids. If you have toddlers and babies who’s crawling or just started to walk, you can just let them crawl and walk around here without worrying that they will fall and get hurt.

Toddler play area

Discovery Zone

I call this the ball pit play area. This is where the kids love the most and my son as well. He always jump into the pool of balls with joy and starting shouting happily. And he also love the slide here.

This ball pit area is so huge that even parents would go down and play with their kid

And there’s also another area in this ball pit whereby you can bring the dinosaur eggs to the scanning pod to discover what’s in the egg. The older kids would appreciate this interactive zone more than the younger ones. But my son adores the dinosaur eggs so much that he actually hug the eggs and babbles some baby talk lol.

Adventure Zone

The adventure zone is another play area with slides like what you see in the photo. My hubby is too adventurous and thinks that his 18month old son is so brave and he actually put him on the luna moon slide which is meant for older kids or adults. In the end, he knocked his head and got a bump and of course scolding from me.

My son loves these slides so much that he can climb up and down for over 20-30 times

Interactive Zone

The interactive zone is a place that allows you to be either a musician or magician and these interactive games are more suitable for older kids. So I’m the one who’s playing with the games.

And there’s also a Karaoke room for the kids as well. There are kiddy songs like Twinkle Twinkle, Baby Shark…

Imaginative Zone

And lastly you have the 2 imaginative zones which you can draw on the paper and crayon they’ve provide then scan to see your drawings come to live.

You will see your drawings come to live in this big screen projection
My ugly ship master piece
This is another room that you can colour the sea creatures and project them as well on the screen

Fret not, if you need to change your kids’ diapers or go to the washroom because there’s washroom in Kiddomo. And there’s also a breastfeeding room as well.

And if you’r tired and need a rest or drinks, there’s a cafe that you can access in Kiddomo. Besides, if the daddy needs to work, he can opt not to pay to come in and just sit outside but still can look at the kid at the ball pit area.

Overall Ratings:

Cleanliness: 4/5 – Would say that Kiddomo is pretty clean that I hardly find any rubbish around. And the things are still pretty well kept (perhaps the place is still very new).

Others: 4/5 The drawing and projection shouldn’t repeat in both of the rooms since they’re the same thing. But the overall ambiance is good, the place is very bright at the ball pit. The rest of the play area is not too bad as well and I love the spacious playarea.

Friendliness: 5/5 People there are extremely friendly. Just ask and they will come and help you if you need anything on the games etc. And there’s always someone around at the playarea.

Pricing: 3/5 The pricing is pretty high for those who are above 2 years old. And the price for accompanying parents is also very high compared to the rest of the play area that’s free for the 1st adult and second one only needs to pay RM5.

Note: This is a non paid review on Kiddomo Universe

Will I return? – Yes for sure, as many times before my son turns 2. But after that the pricing is a bit high.


If you would like to know more about Kiddomo Universe, you can visit their Facebook and Website.

Lot T-328, Level 3, The Starling, No 6, Jalan SS21/37, Damansara Utama, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia.

Contact: 012 702 7969

Opening Hours:
10:00 am to 10:00 pm daily

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