Review on JKids Playground, Paradigm Mall Kelana Jaya

Since this place is very near my house I thought of just bringing my son there. But I don’t think I will visit this place frequently as the hygiene level is one of the worse. And most of the things are not well maintain as well.

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Where’s the place located ?

The playground is located at Paradigm mall’s Level 1, lot 28. Pretty near to Toys’ R Us.

If you google for this place, the review is 4.2/5.0 which I don’t really agree. The place is not quiet safe especially for younger kids but better for older kids. Maybe it was pure luck, but the day I went, there was many ill-mannered kids and the parents were just on their phone and didn’t even bother.

What is there to play inside?

There’s a few rides that you can ride on. I’m not sure what you call them but these are more suitable for older kids as smaller ones will find this hard to climb on.

Then you will see this huge 1 tier ball pit area where you can climb on top to shoot the balls below. But you will need to dig hard for the smaller balls to fit into the ‘shooter’.

This things actually spins very fast if you have kids on them. My son was playing alone and another kid decided to just hop on to this and just turn and knock into him. As you can see the ride is not properly maintained. Some of the parts already torn.

Then you have this huge slide where you can slide down climbing from the ball pit area.

This is like an enclosed area with loads of balloon inside. Surprisingly the balloon still in good shape even after the kids run and hit the balloons.

There’s this ‘sand’ pit area which is suitable for smaller kids. However, these are not sand but they claimed that this is a type of seed.

Then you have this soft block area which is also suitable for younger kids.

The ride that my son enjoyed the most, but not suitable to play when there’s other big kids around because they’re super rough and started pushing the thing way too fast.

Overall Ratings:

Cleanliness: 2/5 – The place is quiet dirty as there’s stain marks and hair everywhere. I don’t think they ever sanitize the place at all.

Ambiance: 3/5 – Nothing special. No theme, the play area is not well organize and the kids tend to ran into each other.

Friendliness: 3/5 – So, so. The people are not really that friendly and there was no one guarding or looking at the area. They even allow kids without socks to go inside and play. Rules but not implemented.

Pricing: 3/5 – The price is not worth for the playarea. There’s nothing much in the play area with that kind of pricing, I’d rather head to other places.

Note: This is a non paid review on JKids

Will I return? – No. I will return there if only I need to head to Paradigm mall and because this place is near to my house. But I would rather drive to Starling or Atria for better quality play areas. Cleanliness is one of the things that I’m most particular.


RM 20 – Weekdays, RM30 for weekends and public holiday

No discount for kids below 2 yo (which I find this is the most ridiculous).

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