Review on Chun Yang Tea 春陽茶事 – KLSGR at 1 Utama, PJ

Forgot to mentioned that Si Lai here is a huge fan of bubble tea. These days, you can find bubble tea like almost every where in the mall or townships. And there’s so many around. Which is good and which is not? That highly depends on my taste buds, so this is my own personal non paid review.

Chun Yang Tea at 1 Utama

They were officially opened for business on the 16th Feb which is only about half a month back. When I head there today around 8.30pm, there was no queue at all. They’re located near to Cold Storage, which is the far end of 1 Utama’s new wing. Which is not too difficult to locate.


The menu offered a pretty wide variety of drinks and their top selling one is definitely the hot selling one in every bubble tea joint – Brown Sugar Pearl Fresh Milk 黑糖珍珠鲜奶. Other famous ones on the menu are like Chun Yang Tea Signature Cheese Macchiato, Signature Honey Lemon Oolong Tea and Pudding Oolong Tea with Fresh Milk.

What We Ordered Today

So I ordered a Signature Cheese Macchiato – Oolong, but weird, why call this Macchiato when there’s no coffee inside? And my hubby ordered the famous Brown Sugar Pearl Fresh Milk. We were informed that his drink will take at least 3mins to prepare which we actually waited about 5-7 mins which is still bearable.

Brown Sugar Pearl Fresh Milk

Whereas my hubby said that the Brown Sugar one is way too sweet for his liking and the bubbles are so small. But he said the drink looks much “genuine” than the other bubble tea joints. What kind of description is that? I think he meant that the brown sugar didn’t mix well with the milk and that’s how the drink should be, based on his 101 scientific reasons. Well, forgot to mention that he’s a programmer, so there’s always logic behind

Signature Cheese Macchiato – Oolong

However, the taste is very disappointing. My cheese tasted really weird and way too thick. That kind of cheese topping that I prefer is the one from The Alley and also the Macao Imperial tea at Atria. The Oolong was fine for me but definitely not the cheese. I had to mix them together to make the drink taste less weird. And the drink is so filling that I only finish half a cup.


Drinks 3/5: Pretty disappointing after trying most of the famous bubble tea joint but this is one of the last on my list

Price 3/5: The drinks are equally pricy comparable to The Alley, KOI and others.

Maybe I will come back to try the Signature Honey Lemon Oolong Tea since I’m a big fan of Oolong tea. Si Lai is giving you a second chance.


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Location at 1 Utama: LG313 Lower Ground Floor