Review on Blokke Cafe – Citta Mall, PJ (2019)

A brief “long story cut short” on why I started going to Play Areas

Initially, I thought my 17 months old son was a bit too young for all these play gym. But ever since I came back from my Taiwan trip, I realised that he actually loves running around and he has got no fear towards slide at all.

Before the trip, he was a bit anti social and he cried so much when we went to play groups. But now, he goes around hugging “Jie Jie”s (inherited from the father la) and he’s don’t cry if strangers says hi to him anymore.

The first one we went to was Jungle Gym then The Kids and Kiddomo Universe, but I didn’t take proper photos that time since the purpose wasn’t for blogging.

Parking in Citta Mall

Parking in Citta Mall was not too difficult, but you will need to drive until the end of the parking where there’s ample of parking space. Usually the front ones are always full and I’m glad to see that the mall is much more lively compared to previously when they just started.

This is the main entrance and it’s slightly hidden

Blokke Cafe is located on the first floor, F41-45 but the location is a bit hidden. If you’re in the middle stairs, you will need to turn right and walk a bit more in order to see the entrance of the cafe. On a usual weekend, the place is extremely packed ! Maybe it’s due to the on-going birthday party.

What do you need to do:

  1. Purchase a ticket at the counter (the counter where you order and pay for the food)
  2. The person will ask you to fill in a form (your name, contact number, your kids details)
  3. Then you will need to pay (RM10 for infant, RM30 for kids above 2 and free for parents/guardian – weekend rates, see below for pricing)
  4. Bring your child and yourself to the play area. There’s some seats for you to take out your shoes and wear your socks.
  5. There’s a staff at the gate and you pass him/her the form and the receipt to provide you a tag and let you in

Dining Areas

This is the front part of the themed dining area, as you can see, it’s super packed during the weekends. And that’s the counter that you’re supposed to make payment.

Play Area

There’s a few section of play area as you can see in the photo.

At this section, the kids can climb up and there’s a pulley that they can throw the soft lego in the bucket and pull them up then drop them down again
A small little house that the kid can climb up and slide down with a lego play area on the side and front
A mini trampoline for kids to jump around
Mini slanted rocking climbing area with a hanging bridge and slide that leads to the ball pit
Another play house with slide
Mini ball pit which is a little cramped when there’s a lot of kids. Be mindful when you put your toddlers in, because the bigger kids will just climb up from the slanting part and just jump without looking and there’s no one to watch them.

I did not dine there because I can’t even get a place and the whole place was super messy with kids running and yelling and I didn’t even get a chance to see the menu. I think I would prefer a place that’s more peaceful after running around with him in the place area. But yea, it’s always like that when you’re at a baby/kids friendly places.

Overall Ratings:

Cleanliness: 3/5 – Would say that it’s not that clean because the flooring are like coming out pieces by pieces and the party area wasn’t controlled by any staff so the kids brought in food and other rubbish around

Ambiance: 4/5 Nice lego-themed playhouse and the dining area also have the same theme. Perhaps coming here on a usual weekday is a better idea with less crowd.

Friendliness: 4/5 Ok la, not too bad. When we asked about the tickets, the guy quickly passed me a piece of paper and he did asked me if my 17 months old boy can walk. The kakak at the gate was friendly too! But she was fierce to the kids who didn’t understand what’s “line-up”.

Pricing: 3/5 If you don’t dine before 2pm to get a free ticket on a weekday it’s not really worth it for RM30 for such a small play area. But for toddlers RM10 is fair.

Note: This is a non paid review on Blokke Cafe.

Will I return? – Don’t think I will head there on the weekend, unless there’s no birthday parties. If only I need a place to exhaust his energy for a short time period paying RM10 for now is still ok for me.


If you would like to know more about Blokke, you can visit their Facebook, Instagram and Website.

Address: F40-F45, First Floor, Citta Mall, Jalan PJU 1A/48A, Ara Damansara.

Contact: 03-7831 0877

Opening Hours:

Monday  CLOSED
Tuesday9am – 9pm
Wednesday9am – 9pm
Thursday9am – 9pm
Friday9am – 9pm
Saturday10am – 10pm
Sunday + Public holidays 10am – 10pm

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