ORITA Baking Soda Laundry Detergent, RM5.40 for 1.5L cheap cheap!

What else? Another si lai post again about cheap stuffs. Next, I will do some recap on the renovation since I still get quiet a lot of request on them. And my detailed postings are all in Lowyat.net, I figure that I should bring the people to my blog instead.

So I recently got approved to this group where people share about all the on-going promotion, cheap deals, voucher code on all sort of platforms. And this group is so amazing! Then I saw this post about this ORITA Baking Soda Laundry Detergent that everyone is trying to grab.

What on Earth is This?

Honestly, I don’t know because I haven’t use this before. But I saw this at Watsons previously and I know that this product is from Taiwan. I can’t find much details online, but this is what the label says. I’ve seen reviews saying that the smell is pleasant and some said the smell is too strong. But whatever la, since the product is so cheap and I got tons of “yi ma gu jeh” I’m sure 12 bottles will be gone in no time.

I understand from the others that the expiry date is sometime in Nov 2021.

Got So Damn Cheap Meh?

Come, let Si Lai count for you.

  • 6 FOR RM65 & BUY 1 FREE 1
  • Total price for 12 bottles RM65 , delivery RM7 (you can choose to click and foc to collect at store, si lai very lazy 12 bottles of 1.5kg is 18kg )
  • Price for each bottle, 1500g of RM5.40 You must buy 12 bottles to enjoy this discount, only applicable online
  • Original price of each unit is RM 18.77
  • Total savings is RM160 if you purchase 12 bottles
  • Usually the Attack detergent that I bought is around RM19 for 1.4kg and for this, RM5.40 you get 1.5kg
  • If you choose to buy at the store, you will still enjoy the discount of Buy 1 Free 1 . And there’s an on-going promotion with touch n go wallet, RM50 with discount of RM8.

Please Teach Me How to BUY?

This one need to have skills one. I’ve tried for 2 days 1 night until my husband wants to disown me. This morning he was talking to me about the future of the country, then halfway they restocked the product.

After numerous failures, I realise that after a few hours, around the minute of 05-10 is when they restock. E.g. (10.05am, 3.07pm) this is just an example but no guarantee ok?

Before you purchase, remember to fill in your address first to save time. And use your app for speedier purchase. Their web sucks a lot.

Link : https://www.watsons.com.my/baking-soda-laundry-detergent/p/BP_56634

In your app, just search for ORITA.

Once you see the “Out of Stock” label not there, quickly add them in your cart, select 6+ and you will need to fill in 12. Then quickly add to cart. Note that this does not guarantee you the stock until you make payment. Skip the Maxis RM10 voucher because this cannot be applied to promotional items. Select your address etc and then quickly proceed to payment and you will have 10 mins to do this.

When you’re done, you will see payment success and you will receive an email from Watsons.

Ok, that’s all for today. Stay tune for more Si Lai tips. I think the husbands want to ban their wife from reading my blog.

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