Mothercare Sales – Mar 2019

OMG Mothercare Sales is here again! Honestly, when there’s no sales, I don’t really step into Mothercare knowing how expensive is their items. I really love their clothes but the price tag is way too hefty on the normal days. And I gave up collecting their receipts, because I need to spend RM500 in order to be a member. But I have friends that’s kind enough to loan me their membership, hence there’s extra 10% discount during the 3 days of their sales!

The sales this round was ok, but not as great as the year end sale whereby mostly were at 60-70% discount. Still manage to grab some items at a cheap deal.

And when is the best time to go? First day of sales of course! Usually the second day when I’m there, all the sizes especially for 12months – 24 months are usually gone. But for boys, quiet boring la, every time also the same thing.

But you will expect the queue to be super long during lunch time. Shhhh, I sneaked out and grab and flew myself there during lunch hour, and shop for 30 mins and quickly grab back to office again. Not to mention that the cashier at Atria always have issue with their POS system and credit card machine not working. – Mothercare, if you are reading this, can you please just replace the damn old PC machine and fix your credit card machine with Maybank or the line issue with Atria? I waited like 15mins just to pay!

Best part? They accept Maybank AMEX card which gives me points and cash rebate too.

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