Lazada – Promo Codes and Vouchers, how to use?

This post will teach you how to fully utilize and maximize your promo codes on Lazada, during such events like Lazada birthday sales, mid year sales etc.

What Vouchers?

Do you know that you can actually apply 3 different types of voucher to save the maximum amount of money?

You can apply lazada given voucher by collecting or lazada game voucher by playing game and exchanging, lazada seller’s voucher and credit card voucher code.

I will explain the voucher one by one in detail and tell you where and how you can collect them.

Types of Vouchers

  1. Lazada Given Voucher
  2. Lazada Game
  3. Seller’s Voucher
  4. Credit card voucher

1. Lazada Given Voucher

By entering into the main page of the app, you just need to press on “Voucher” and you will be brought to the page below

Here’s where you can collect all the vouchers for different usage. I suggest that you should just collect everything and think later if you’re gonna use them. All this vouchers will auto apply once the product and amount is eligible.

And there’s specific time that lazada usually replenish these vouchers which is around 12pm, 12am or so. This round, they did not say the refresh timing.

2. Lazada Game

This is where you can collect extra vouchers by playing game. This voucher is the same as lazada given voucher whereby you can only apply 1 of them in 1 order.

Meaning, if you have different order in different amount then you can first apply the above lazada given voucher (80-12) and then another order you can use this (50-10).

Press Laz Game and you will be lead into the game page, the first game is the easiest to play and to collect the coins. You only have 5 lives and each live will take 1 hour to revive.

When you have enough coins, then you can go into Reward Store and claim the vouchers as below.

3. Seller’s Voucher

Each of the seller will have their own voucher to collect or promo code for you to type in as well. You just need to go to the seller’s page and press collect voucher or the voucher page on lazada to do so.

Lazada’s voucher page where you get like tons of seller vouchers to collect

Or you can go into the seller’s main page by searching for the seller’s name and when you go inside you will see all this

Or some sellers actually come out with codes that you need to key in before you check out. And for drypers and huggies, usually they have flash sales from 12-2am. Meaning, you will be enjoying flash sales, seller’s voucher, lazada voucher and credit card code. That’s like a total of 4 discounts that will give you the maximum savings.

4. Credit Card Vouchers

So, when you have the selected credit card which is working with Lazada, you will be able to deduct another amount when you check out. Don’t forget this, because this is the very last step before you pay.

Quite hard to see on mobile so I will type them out here

Citibank – MIDCITI


Hong Leong – MIDHLB

Maybank – click to collect

HSBC – click to collect

Public Bank – MIDPBB


Ambank – MIDAMB

So, what you need to do is that you should type your code in here when you check out


Do the above steps for you maximum savings.

Product promo price + Seller’s collectible voucher (auto) + Lazada’s collectible voucher (auto) + key in bank’s voucher code = final price

And lastly, I hope this post will help you to save loads of money.

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