How to choose the best clothes dryer (in Malaysia)

Many working couples these days find it challenging in managing their laundry and often spend a lot sending your clothes to the laundromat or coin-based laundries. Most cases, you might be spending more time and money.

Despite having ample sunlight living in a landed + warm Malaysia climate, we might not be physically there to keep our clothes when it rains. Or worst, leaving your clothes/sheets indoor and causing it to turn musky.

Dryers are more common in high rise buildings. It is a necessity for most high rise residence to own a dryer which is usually either a 2-in-1 washer or a stacked washer + dryer configuration.

There are essentially 5 types of different consumer clothes dryer:

2 in 1 Washer + Dryer

Source: SennHeng

Gas Dryer

Source: Youtube

Vented DryerCondenser DryerHeat Pump DryerGas Dryer
Requires air vent?YesYes
Initial cost$$$$$$$$
Power requirement240v 13A240v 13A240v 13A240v 13A (For Motor)
LPG Gas/Centralized Gas
Drying TimeFastSlowSlowFastest
Size + WeightRelatively compactBig + HeavyBig + HeavyCompact
Running Cost$$$$$$$$$$
Price over capacity$$$$$$$$

Note: The comparison is done in Malaysia. Thus, the utility price for gas is cheaper than electricity.

Essentially, there is no best dryer but there is the best-suited dryer based on your budget and your use case. We chose the gas dryer as we have quite a fair bit of laundry. We also needed something that is durable and cheap to run, so we invested in a gas dryer.

Misconceptions of a Gas Clothes Dryer

There are a lot of misconceptions on gas appliances. But modern gas appliances would be equipped with safety valves that auto shuts in case of leakages. There are a few more precautions steps to ensure that you minimize the risk to the least:

1. Ensure room with the gas dryer is well ventilated
2. Do not cover appliances with flammable materials
3. Periodically inspect gas supply for leakages
4. Only use low-pressure gas regulators

Please stay tuned, we will be back with a review on the newly acquired gas dryer. Cheers!

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