H&M Deals and Sales – March 2019

I’ve always been fan of H&M since their clothes are pretty affordable and cheap when there’s deals ! Someone posted that H&M is having deals again and being a cheapskate Si Lai, I can’t help but headed there to check out the deals at 1 Utama.

Deals for Ladies

Ok la, not everything is on sale, but the have a few sections that they put on the ‘deals’ tag and that’s where you can find all the clothes on discount. Ladies’ choices are very limited. There’s only very odd sizes left, either way too small or way too big. I shall not mention about my size here because every time I say something about it, people around me really hate me for it.

What I bought for myself

So I manage to find 2 dresses that’s not too bad, but the material is a bit transparent. But the dress looks pretty good, I will just have to wear something inside I guess. I can hear what my hubby is saying – “why you all this women ah, so mafan one, buy clothes for the aesthetic then after that you complaint hot la blablabla.”

The jeans shorts were a bit weird, I usually wears size 32, but I can’t even fit into the pants for size 36?! – oh shit, did I just disclose my size? Don’t hate me please! Please continue reading. I will write more on my son instead of my boring self.

Deals for Toddlers

My son is only 1.5 years old, so you will see me postings a lot more on things that’s relevant to his age. The deals for toddlers are not too bad. The first section consist more of the off season winter clothing. There were long sleeves, hoodies, jackets etc.

The second section here for those from age 0-3 have quiet a wide variety of pants. The top for boys were pretty boring and nothing catches my eye. As for girls, there was quiet a lot of choices as compared to the boys.

Here are the choices for boys. Quiet limited actually, lots of long sleeve and jacket.

Didn’t buy any of these because the weather here is extremely hot and he won’t really get a chance to wear this unless we head to somewhere cold or blast the aircond 18 C every night
RM50 for 2 pcs of pajamas

There’s so many more choice for the girls.

Ok, I know. I should stop buying clothes for my son. What if I have a daugther? I think I would go crazy every time I see the sales word at Mothercare, H&M, LC Waikiki, Poney, Babyshop, AEON whatever you can name me.

Singlets for Baby JC. The discount price tag was RM20, but when the sales person scanned, the system shows RM7 only for a set of 2. YES you read me, RM7.

Till then, I wanted to post about SSF clearance sales, but there’s almost nothing to post about. Unless most of you are interested in buying rubbish bins?

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