Guide to Lazada 7th Birthday

Are you ready for tonight’s lazada’s 27th birthday party?

I’ve got many questions from a group saying that they’re very confused with all the seller’s vouchers, lazada’s vouchers, different pricing, bank vouchers etc. So, to answer the questions, here’s a guide for you.

So, how to fully utilize all the promo codes? Discounted product price + collectable vouchers (from store) + lazada voucher (unsure if this can be stack together) + bank code

I shall use Drypers as an example.

  • After you choose the prodcuts The purple box is the price that you will see after 12am tonight stating Bday which the price is cheaper than the one that you see below.
  • Remember to add everything into the cart first. The price will auto adjust to the price in the purple box once the clock hits 12am (but please do check and see as there might be system errors)
  • For example, from 12-2am Drypers will having their sale which is save up to RM57 and this code DRYPERSBD18 is the code that you will have to key in (can’t be collected).
  • If you miss this deal, fret not. As you can still collect the voucher for 12% discount but will not be as great at the other one.
  • During the checkout from 12-2am, remember to key in the voucher at ‘enter voucher code’.
  • If you’re using the vouchers that you have pre-collected from the shop, the system will auto recognize and adjust the price accordingly. On the side you can still press the get voucher if you’re unsure if you’ve collected.
  • When you reach the payment page, you will be able to see that all the codes are already key-ed in stating ‘seller’s vouchers’.
  • If you have the credit cards which is entitled for this birthday sale, you will be able to get a further discount after the discount price. If I recalled correctly, your price after discount must be more than the stated amount. i.e. If HLB says 120-15, your discounted price must be more than 120 to enjoy the credit card promo. You will only see the discount after you’ve key-in all your credit card details or previously saved and CVC code. You need to key in your promo code here and press apply.

You can find the list of credit card promotion here

Can I stack my vouchers?

There’s some who said yes and there’s some who said no. I personally spoke to the Lazada customer service and they said no. 1 voucher for 1 single order only. Anyways, there’s no harm trying. But you can stack collectable vouchers together with bank code. Usually the laku banks will run out very fast but those banks like HLB that no one uses there will still be until the next morning and also depending on the quantity they offer.

So what I discovered from last night 27th sales

You can stack the vouchers i.e.

Product promo price + Seller’s collectible voucher (auto) + Lazada’s collectible voucher (auto) + key in bank’s voucher code = price you need to pay

If your app hangs, lazada crash, can’t proceed to payment which was what happened back in 11.11, worry not. Just try again later. If still the same, try to disconnect from your Wifi, because previously TIME blocked my payment gateway and I can only proceed with payment by using Maxis.

There’s a few types of vouchers

Collectable Vouchers

These are vouchers that you you collect from different sellers and will be automatically applied to your cart. One seller can have multiple vouchers to be collected. You can only collect once per collectable voucher. These vouchers do not stack. Collectable vouchers from different sellers will be applied to the items from the sellers at the checkout. Can only be use on Lazada app.

Voucher Code

These are vouchers that require you to copy the code and paste it at checkout under ‘Enter Voucher Code’ Cannot be used together with a collectable voucher. Can be use on desktop and Lazada App.

Lazada Code

There’s non electronics 130-17, electronics 270 -27 , global collection 66 – 5, Global Collection 99 – 10.

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