Ariel (Japan) known as Dynamo here -Washing Pods/Gel/Balls

We have been using washing powder and detergent for the rest of our life. And do you know that there’s something new in the market which existed pretty long ago in Japan and other countries but we still don’t get these here?

The Brand

Looking at this familiar logo, I’m sure you can tell which brand is this.

Ariel is a marketing line of laundry detergents made by Procter & Gamble. It is the flagship brand in Procter & Gamble’s European, Algerian, Burmese, Turkish, Chinese, Indian, Pakistani, Japanese, Filipino, Mexican, Brazilian, Chilean, Argentinian, Peruvian, Ecuadorian, Colombian and Venezuelan portfolios. In some U.S. stores, Mexican Ariel is available. Additionally, Ariel is also known as Dynamo in Malaysia and Singapore.

What is this thing that you’re talking about?

Ariel 3in1 PODS washing capsules come with a multi-compartment design that keeps ingredients separate until they reach the wash, packing super concentrated cleaning power into one little pod. The innovative film dissolves upon contact with water to release powerful stain-removing technologies!

I found these when I was randomly browsing on taobao and shopee and I was curious to find out if they’re really good. Initially I purchased one box to try out from Shopee (Taiwan Collection) and these came from Japan instead of UK. After I’ve tried using, I really love them so much!

Why I love them:

  1. Really easy to use, just put one or two depends on how much laundry you’re washing
  2. Convenient when you go for travelling. Just pack a few biji along.
  3. My laundry smells fresh and the anti-bacterial ‘function’ seemed to be working well that my laundry is super clean
  4. The all 3-in-one function works so well lift stains, clean and brighten my clothes

How to Use These?

  • The PODS have to be put in the drum towards the back first before putting the load on top.
  • for soft to medium water, light to medium soiled loads, is one pod per wash
  • for hard water and difficult/heavy soil load, we recommend using 2 PODS per wash
  • To prevent the pod from dissolving before use, you should always close the tub and handle with dry hands.

Where to buy these since we don’t have them in the market?

There’s a few brands in the market and the one I’ve tried is as explained above. There’s also a few other famous brand like Tide, Fairy, Persil and Bold. Also, some other unknown brands that you can find on Taobao. However, be careful with the unknown brands because someone mentioned that the layer outside actually didn’t really “melted” and all got stuck in the washing machine. So far, every time when I use the Ariel pods I didn’t see anything left in the machine.


I find Shopee cheaper when they have Taiwan collection sales. They also have a few variety available but I always choose the Dark Green series.

I prefer to buy from this seller, as I find their shipping way faster. Ordered on 28/7 and received my order on the 6/8.

I’ve bought from this seller before, but they took like 3 weeks to ship to me.

Both are refill pack with 44 pcs.

There’s a variety of different colours with different ‘functions’ of the detergent:

Dark blue -3-one: 50-fold seed antibacterial cleaning dirt +100 + Advanced white laundry

Dark green -3-one: 50-fold seed antibacterial cleaning dirt +100 + fragrance also the laundry

Light blue: Platinum white floral leaves with soft fine

Pale pink: Peony flowers with soft fine

I manage to purchase 2 packs which is 44 x 2 = 88 at RM75.79 which means each cost around RM0.86

I don’t know why Malaysia is always the last in the market to get most of the things in terms of innovation or so. Anyways, we have internet and online shipping now so getting something from overseas is possible for sure.

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