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Amino Mason – my shampoo, conditioner, treatment and hair care

I believed many of you have heard of this brand quiet a while ago. They have a range of haircare from shampoo, conditioner, treatment etc.

This brand is inspired by the mason jar hence the shampoo and conditioner and also the spray are sold in a mason jar alike container.

The range of products I’ve tried

What is this Amino thing?

I discovered this product after I did my keratin treatment and I needed something that’s SLS free that won’t wash away the keratin so fast.

Hence I did some reading and found that our hair is actually made up of amino acids and this product contains the ingredients that will replenish it back to prevent the leakage of protein and moisture which is just exactly what I need !

There are two range which is smooth and moisture.

I’ve picked the moisture one for the shampoo and treatment. What is does is that the shampoo froths up just like whipped cream not like the usual shampoo which is like liquid form to minimize the friction gently washing off dirt and oil from my scalp.

Well because we know that hair is made up of follicles that’s very fragile and the main reason of doing keratin treatment previously for me was also to keep my hair smooth. Hence the friction would actually spoils the hair texture.

Made in Japan

And when I peel off the label, the wordings are all in japanese hence this product is really made in Japan ! Therefore the price is slightly higher compared to the rest of the hair products range selling in Guardian.

Fret not even the price is slightly more premium!

Here’s when I made use of Guardian sales, when they have 50% off all hair products range I will be running to Guardian to Amino Mason’s aisle to make sure that I grab them before they run out.

Usually you will see the rack almost empty by the 1st day of 50% sales in Guardian.

I was really looking forward to the Sakura range but they’re only available in a box set and Guardian don’t get a discount for that 🙁 booo… Well, leng silai only grab deals and not too willing to spend too much on herself.

What Else?

I also bought the mask pack and also night cream. I only use the mask pack like 2-3 times a week and the night cream every night. My hair always ended up smell like honey, lucky the ants don’t come and look for me.

The end results as you can see from the photo after blowing dry my hair ain’t dry at all. Still feeling smooth and moist.

And my hair is much more manageable in the morning when I quickly need to blow my hair to get ready for work.

OMG, this Sakura range looks so good !

This product deserves a 4/5 star, and the only con is that the scent is a bit too strong for me maybe because I have allergy towards smell.

So here’s the end of my review of Amino Mason’s products. I will definitely buy them again when Guardian have 50% sales every time.


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