11.11 Guide: Shop Till You Drop 攻略

Don’t tell me if you didn’t purchase anything on 11.11. and you’ve save a lot of money! Wrong. Purchases during 11.11 is to save money in long term, rather spending the RRP at hypermarket and retail stores. Unless you’ve purchase things that you don’t need, they’re ‘wants’. I admit I did purchase a few, but majority are things that we use.

如果你很光荣的说你在11.11是没买东西而你省了很多钱。错了。11.11 下的单是在长时间内省了很多钱,因为你不再去商场还是柜台买原价原本需要的的东西。不是省钱是什么?除非买了其他很多不需要的东西。这个我也承认啦。可是大多数都是平时需要的东西。

Why You Should Read This

If it’s so, reading this article will open you to a world of online purchasing and maximizing every single coupon and voucher since you don’t know much about all these online deals.


What’s the First Step to the Best Deals

First, you should plan ahead on what you want to purchase.


Next, wait for the price release (usually merchants would drop the price slightly), voucher release for 11.11 to know what kind of vouchers you can use to maximize the deals. If you’re as hardworking as me, I always do an excel sheet to calculate and note down the items. I will place an example below.

然后等待卖家放出11.11的价钱(因为通常每样商品都会比平时便宜稍微)。然后等待11.11的股本和优惠。如果你像我一样勤力的话,你可以做一个excel sheet算出每一样东西的价钱。我会在下面给个比喻。

For this, I’m referring to Lazada. Because for Lazada, once you’ve collected the vouchers, they won’t run out until you use them. However, Shopee always gives bank code vouchers but it’s not applicable to all the products across and they always run out before I even click and use them. I still buy small little things with Shopee because they’re cheaper and most of the time I get free shipping.

以下的比喻是lazada为主。因为lazada的voucher, collect了就是你的了,绝对不会像shopee一样会等你要付款的时候突然间就不见了,要不然就是跟你说不能用。所以真的很讨厌。可是平时小小样的东西还是shopee比较便宜,尤其是免邮费的这个是最好用的。

Learn About the Available Vouchers and Price Drop during Special Sale

Price Drop

From this product, you can see the usual original price is RM194.24 and during 11.11 they’ve dropped the price to RM174.81 whereas RM139.85 means the price that you will get after using the merchant’s voucher.

在这个商品你可以看到平时的价钱是RM194.24, 然后11.11的优惠价是RM174.81。 RM139.85 是你拿下卖家的voucher然后买到的价钱。

Merchant’s Voucher

What’s a merchant’s voucher? A merchant’s voucher is given by the merchant. You must click collect to be able to enjoy this voucher.

什么是merchant voucher? 这个是merchant 所给的voucher, 你必须click collect 才能享有的优惠。

Usually, you will find merchant’s voucher when you see their products or you can find them from the main page. Or you will be able to see when you check out as well.

通常merchant’s voucher都可以在商品的page找到,或是merchant的主页也会有。要不然checkout的时候通常也会看到。

Lazada’s Voucher

Lazada’s Voucher is given by lazada, usually you either collect them or search them in the search bar to collect.

Lazada 做优惠的时候都会给 Lazada voucher,通常都是在11.11的主页要不然就是key in search bar 的时候可以收集到。

For example, this round the vouchers that were release were through search of these wordings : Sharehappiness, lazada11 , lazada1111dare

The voucher given this round were all 49-5 and now lazada does not let you stack lazada voucher together with credit card which was done in their previous sales.

比如这次的11.11你必须把这些字: Sharehappiness, lazada11 , lazada1111dare 打在search bar里面来collect。



Credit Card Vouchers

Usually these are the ones that would give you the best deals. And you need to collect them midnight, 3 days before the sales starts.

通常用了credit card voucher你买的东西就会便宜多了。大多数lazada都会在优惠3天前的半夜放出来。

Where to collect these? Once you fire up the lazada app, there will be a special banner made for 11.11. Once you click in, you will be able to see the vouchers available. Or under the tab of 11.11, usually the last tab there will be a voucher tab for you to click on.

在哪里可以拿到这些voucher? 这样你就必须注意啦。通常你一进去lazada你就会看到一个很大的11.11 banner。你只需要从那边按下,就会看到一下的voucher。要不然你也可以从tab最后面的voucher tab领下voucher。

Lazada 11.11 Promo Code | LaptrinhX

Don’t ever fall asleep at 12am, because when you miss 30 seconds, the vouchers would be gone in just a blink of eyes.


Extra Voucher

Extra vouchers sometimes can be obtained by playing games. Which I honestly hate the most because I don’t even have a single game installed in my phone.

通常你也能通过打游戏而获得更多的lazada voucher

Next: Do Up an Excel Sheet

Here’s the excel sheet that I always do for the products that I would like to purchase so that I can calculate the total price during checkout.

每次我都会做一张excel sheet 知道我自己当天要买的是什么。

This is so that you don’t kelam kabut during the night when sales start and you already know the amount that you need to purchase to get the best deal and also plan ahead because some of the good deals will be gone in just a minute.


The Formula

For example, if I purchase an item around RM30+, I would use TnG RM30-5 voucher as this is the best deal that I can get.

But if I’m purchasing 2 items that’s around RM50 + RM80 which makes it up to RM130, I would use the Maybank voucher RM130-15 (provided if you have this credit card).

Please bare in mind that your product total must be after the voucher given by merchant before you deduct the credit card voucher. This is different from how taobao offer their deals TM 300-40, 200-20.

Next question, I’m sure you want to ask me how many credit cards I hold. Hmm, sorry not for you to know 😛

Hence the formula is = Product after discount – merchant voucher – lazada/payment/credit card voucher = price you need to pay

比如如果你要买一样RM30的东西,当然使用 TnG 的 RM30-5的voucher是最划算的

可是如果你有两样东西 RM50 + RM80 这样你就应该凑单。因为你能使用Maybank 的RM130-30 。

必须注意的是 你的商品的价钱必须已经是扣了merchant voucher的价钱。

所以简单的说formula 就是

已经享有优惠价的商品 – merchant voucher – lazada/payment/credit card voucher = 就是你应该给的价钱

The Last Trick, Last Bit of 11.11

Every time when it’s around 8pm, Lazada will release a final code giving a huge discount. If you’re sure that you’re buying something expensive and it won’t run out of stock, perhaps it’s best that you wait until 8pm.


The code that was given this round was lazada111 meant for RM1000- 111.


And also threw two more extra vouchers for user to collect which are RM99-20 and RM249-50

然后这次也有两个而外的voucher 就是 RM99-20 and RM249-50

You Must Read This and Be A Smart Consumer


Now is when you should go through your purchase list and see which merchant have not send out the items you bought. But be careful because you have to make sure that your items are still in stock.


After you’re sure that there’s stock, you should proceed to cancel your order which can meet the voucher that’s been given. If the seller haven’t pack your item, lazada system will automatically refund to you. So, I’ve cancelled the Mamil order I’ve placed during mid night because the total that I’ve paid was RM345. And now, if I re-purchase again using the voucher, the total only came to RM310. Using the RM249 – 50 voucher.

当你确定你的东西还有货当然你可以去把你的order取消掉。因为lazada的系统是自动,如果卖家没有出货系统就会自己自动马上退款。打个比喻就是我在半夜已经下单买我儿子的奶粉,当时付款的价钱是RM345, 可是如果我取消了再买过价钱是RM310, 就这样的我又省了RM30。

Deals That I’ve Managed to Get

Mamil at RM310 for 6 , which means each box 600g is for RM51.67 only and with a free gift

Using: After 8pm voucher RM249 – 50

Lego 900 pcs, classic series for RM109 (RRP 179.90)

Using: After 8pm voucher RM90-20

Syabas, what Syabas ? Yup, I paid my utility bill RM20 and I received a RM5 rebate right away into my lazada wallet.

Using: Lazada bill rebate RM20-5

2 canned of Ensure milk for RM126 which usually cost around RM80+ in pharmacies.

Using: Watsons RM25 voucher and lazada pharmacy platform RM45 voucher

CNY matching family clothes 😀 5pcs of clothes and 20x disposable bibs for RM58.43

Using: RM20 FPX and merchant’s 50% voucher

Happy Shopping and hope you’ve learned much from this guide ! Till the next sales.

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